Who Is Jane Love

The Short Film

Winner of Best Horror Short Film @ IFS, Best Cinematography at AOF, Nominated for Best Comedy Scene, Best Dance Choreography, Best Short Short and Official Selection at Shriekfest

In Jane Love's small town, there are dark secrets in well-lit places. But, health and safety take on a whole new meaning when Jane realizes how she can make the world a better place... one kill at a time. Jane Love® is the inspiration for the series of the same name.

Directed by Jessica O'Keefe. Produced by Ken O'Keefe & Jessica O'Keefe. Choreographed by Cherice & Charissa Barton of Barton Movement (Con Man The Series, America's Got Talent, The Grammy Awards). Music by Orr Rebhun and Erica Weis. Original song by Michael E. Levy and performed by Ceeca Begley, Michael E. Levy, Amy Wood, and Rich McCulley.